Early hominin paleoecology

Matt Sponheimer, Julia A. Lee-Thorp, Kaye Reed, Peter S. Ungar

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An introduction to the multidisciplinary field of hominin paleoecology for advanced undergraduate students and beginning graduate students, Early Hominin Paleoecology offers an up-to-date review of the relevant literature, exploring new research and synthesizing old and new ideas. Recent advances in the field and the laboratory are not only improving our understanding of human evolution but are also transforming it. Given the increasing specialization of the individual fields of study in hominin paleontology, communicating research results and data is difficult, especially to a broad audience of graduate students, advanced undergraduates, and the interested public. Early Hominin Paleoecology provides a good working knowledge of the subject while also presenting a solid grounding in the sundry ways this knowledge has been constructed. The book is divided into three sections-climate and environment (with a particular focus on the latter), adaptation and behavior, and modern analogs and models-and features contributors from various fields of study, including archaeology, primatology, paleoclimatology, sedimentology, and geochemistry. Early Hominin Paleoecology is an accessible entrée into this fascinating and ever-evolving field and will be essential to any student interested in pursuing research in human paleoecology.

Original languageEnglish (US)
PublisherUniversity Press of Colorado
Number of pages470
ISBN (Print)9781607322252, 9781607322245
StatePublished - Jan 1 2013

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