Doing justice, doing gender: Women in legal and criminal justice occupations

Susan Ehrlich Martin, Nancy Jurik

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"Martin and Jurik provide a clear body of evidence illuminating the gendered nature of criminal justice occupations. Of the multitude of feminist works on this topic, this is one of the best analyses available." -CRIMINAL JUSTICE REVIEW Doing Justice, Doing Gender: Women in Legal and Criminal Justice Occupations is a highly readable, sociologically grounded analysis of women working in traditionally male dominant justice occupations of law, policing, and corrections. This Second Edition represents not only a thorough update of research on women in these fields, but a careful reconsideration of changes in justice organizations and occupations and their impact on women’s justice work roles over the past 40 years. New to the Second Edition: Introduces a wider range of workplace diversity and experiences: An expanded sociological theoretical framework grasps the interplay of gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation in understanding workplace identities and inequities. Provides a better understanding of the centrality of gender issues to understanding the legal and criminal justice system in general: This edition further connects women’s work experiences to social trends and consequent changes in legal system and in criminal justice agencies. Offers a more international perspective: More material is included on women lawyers, police, and correctional officers in countries outside the U.S. Intended Audience: This is an excellent supplemental text for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses such as Gender & Work; Women and Work; Sociology of Work and Occupations; Women and the Criminal Justice System; and Gender Justice in the departments of Sociology, Criminal Justice, Women’s Studies, and Social Work.

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ISBN (Print)9781412927215
StatePublished - Jan 1 2007

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