Difference matrices

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EA(s). In fact, there is a (s, v, ℓ − λ, l − λs)-impulse matrix over EA(s). 17.36 Theorem [558] Let v = 1+nk be a prime power, with v or k even. For any odd prime power s satisfying n+ 1 ≤ s ≤ (equation found), there exists a (equation found)-difference matrix. 17.37 Theorem [558] If an OAλ(k, n) exists having λ constant columns, then, over any group G of order n+ 1, there is a (n+ 1, k;λ(n− 1))-difference matrix. 17.38 Corollary [558] Let v be a prime power with v = 1+nk for n and k integers satisfying n ≥ k−2 ≥ 0. For any group G of order n+1, there is a (n+1, v; 2+(n−1)k)-difference matrix over G.

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