Determination of pre-eruptive H2O, F and Cl contents of silicic magmas using melt inclusions: Examples from Taupo volcanic center, New Zealand

Nelia W. Dunbar, Richard Hervig, Philip R. Kyle

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Water, F, and Cl contents of melt inclusions in phenocrysts from the 2-ka-old Taupo and Hatepe plinian tephras, and the ∼22-ka-old Okaia tephra from the Taupo volcanic center, New Zealand, were measured by electron and ion microprobe. Major and trace element chemistry of the inclusions is similar to that of bulk rock, supporting our assumption that volatile contents of inclusions are representative of the magma in which the crystals grew. Inclusions in the 2-ka Taupo plinian tephra contain a mean of 4.3 wt% H2O, 450 ppm F, and 1700 ppm Cl; from the Hatepe plinian tephra 4.3 wt% H2O, 430 ppm F, and 1700 ppm Cl; and from the Okaia tephra 5.9 wt% H2O, 470 ppm F, and 2100 ppm Cl. Sulfur was below the detection limit of 200 ppm. The constant H2O, F and Cl from a number of stratigraphic horizons in the tephra deposits suggest that the Taupo and Hatepe plinian tephras (>8.2 km3 magma volume) were derived from a magma body that did not contain a strong volatile gradient. By inference, there is no pre-eruptive volatile difference between these plinian eruptions and a phrea-toplinian eruption which occurred between the two. Virtually no major element zonation is seen in this eruptive sequence. Although the Okaia tephra was also erupted from the Taupo volcanic center, probably from a similar vent area, its higher volatile contents and distinct composition as compared to the Taupo tephras show that it was derived from a different, and possibly deeper, magma body.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)177-184
Number of pages8
JournalBulletin of Volcanology
Issue number3
StatePublished - May 1 1989

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