Design-build procurement process model for delivering highways in Texas

Giovanni C. Migliaccio, G. Edward Gibson, James T. O'Connor

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The use of Design-Build (D-B) is spreading among the State Transportation Departments (STD) in the United States as a method for procuring transportation projects. A primary reason for selecting D-B is a strong desire to shorten the total project delivery time. Texas has recently modified its legislation in order to allow state agencies to adopt D-B and other innovative project delivery methods. Previous research identified inexperience of STD personnel with D-B as a major obstacle to successful adoption of such methods. Existing procedures for traditional Design-Bid-Build (DBB) are inadequate to the new approach and can slow the procurement phase, endangering the desired time reduction. The knowledge of the activities to be performed during the procurement and their critical sequencing is a central issue in conducting projects under D-B. Lessons-learned from early applications of D-B can be beneficial through a widespread diffusion of the procedures across different state agencies and districts. Although many research studies have investigated the evaluation aspect of such procurement, much less atention has been paid to the sequencing of activities to be performed by a STD between the "go/no go" decision and contract execution. This paper overviews findings from research analyzing lessons-learned during the procurement of two D-B projects in Texas: State Highway 130 (SH 130), and the State Highway 45 Southeast (SH45 SE). Using early lessons-learned from these ongoing projects, the researchers have developed a D-B procurement process model for delivering highway projects. These lessons-learned are subdivided into process-related and activity-related. Process-related lessons-learned were used in streamlining the process. Activity-related lessons-learned are grouped by task, and will be helpful in performing these tasks more efficiently on subsequent projects. In addition, this research suggests some requirements for computing support to facilitate this new process and to take advantage of the lessons-learned.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationComputing in Civil Engineering - Proceedings of the 2005 International Conference
EditorsL. Soibelman, F. Pena-Mora
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StatePublished - Oct 31 2005
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Event2005 ASCE International Conference on Computing in Civil Engineering - Cancun, Mexico
Duration: Jul 12 2005Jul 15 2005

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