CMB polarization with Boomerang 2003

F. Piacentini, P. A.R. Ade, J. J. Bock, J. R. Bond, J. Borrill, A. Boscaleri, P. Cabella, C. R. Contaldi, B. P. Crill, P. de Bernardis, G. De Gasperis, A. de Oliveira-Costa, G. De Troia, G. Di Stefano, E. Hivon, A. H. Jaffe, T. S. Kisner, W. C. Jones, A. E. Lange, C. Marini-BettoloS. Masi, P. D. Mauskopf, C. J. MacTavish, A. Melchiorri, T. E. Montroy, F. Nati, L. Nati, P. Natoli, C. B. Netterfield, E. Pascale, D. Pogosyan, G. Polenta, S. Prunet, S. Ricciardi, G. Romeo, J. E. Ruhl, P. Santini, M. Tegmark, M. Veneziani, N. Vittorio

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This paper reports results from the Boomerang 2003 flights, devoted to the measurement of intensity and polarization of the cosmic microwave background radiation. In particular, it is focused on the power angular power spectra and on the control of possible contamination from systematic effects and foregrounds.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)244-249
Number of pages6
JournalNew Astronomy Reviews
Issue number3-4
StatePublished - Mar 1 2007
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  • CMB
  • Cosmology
  • Polarization

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Piacentini, F., Ade, P. A. R., Bock, J. J., Bond, J. R., Borrill, J., Boscaleri, A., Cabella, P., Contaldi, C. R., Crill, B. P., de Bernardis, P., De Gasperis, G., de Oliveira-Costa, A., De Troia, G., Di Stefano, G., Hivon, E., Jaffe, A. H., Kisner, T. S., Jones, W. C., Lange, A. E., ... Vittorio, N. (2007). CMB polarization with Boomerang 2003. New Astronomy Reviews, 51(3-4), 244-249.