Chicano/latino homoerotic identities

David William Foster

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Is it true, as Catherine Belsey has claimed recently, that "the postmodern condition brings with it an incredulity toward true love" ("Postmodern Love" 683)? I will not attempt to answer this question, dangerously loaded as it is with terminological-not to say philosophical-landmines: the postmodern, true, love. However, naive or daring as it may seem, love is indeed my topic, love and women (overdetermined though this coupling may be), women in love, or, more precisely, women poets as they represent themselves in love. The postmodern Chicana writer, I will claim, does not tend to exhibit this incredulity toward true love. Of course, she is not alone, for, as Belsey reminds us (should we need reminding), "no amount of skepticism does away with desire" ("Postmodern Love" 683).

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StatePublished - Jul 16 2014

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