Calculation of valence electron motion induced by sequential strong-field ionisation

Adrian N. Pfeiffer, Scott G. Sayres, Stephen R. Leone

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Strong-field ionisation leads to the formation of electron wave packets in the valence shell of the resulting ion under appropriate experimental conditions. Ab-initio calculations of the population and coherence dynamics are challenging and are usually limited to single ionisation of simple systems by linearly polarised fields. Here, a calculation based on static-field rate equations is presented to obtain the density matrix for sequential double ionisation. The results for single ionisation of neon and xenon by linearly polarised pulses are in satisfactory agreement with ab-initio calculations. For double ionisation of neon and xenon by elliptically polarised fields, five coherence channels with recurrence times between 1.1 fs and 51.9 fs are predicted to exhibit a significant degree of coherence. The degree of coherence is affected by the polarisation of the laser pulse and decreases in general for elliptical polarisation, but for the investigated cases a significant degree of coherence is predicted to occur up to the regime of close-to-circular polarisation.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2283-2291
Number of pages9
JournalMolecular Physics
Issue number14-15
StatePublished - 2013
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  • Circular polarisation
  • Sequential double ionisation
  • Valence electron motion

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  • Condensed Matter Physics
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