Becoming vanilla pudding: How we undermine our passion for research

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Society invests billions of dollars every year in helping management scholars help organizations. However, many scholars become contented with cranking out endless variations on tired themes. They become vanilla pudding: a bland comfort food with empty calories. To be sure, it is difficult under the best of circumstances to do research that makes a difference. But the profession has constructed artificial barriers to bold theorizing and empiricism, including discipline-specific training, journals, and funding; a bias against qualitative research; various pitfalls of the journal review process; and the defensiveness encouraged by the Great Wall of Academia - tenure. These barriers can be reduced by replacing tenure with regular performance reviews, by recognizing that not all A publications are equal, by judging scholarly books and chapters on their own merits, and by encouraging editors to empower authors. A few such judicious changes would help liberate rather than squelch the passion of management scholars.

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StatePublished - Dec 2005


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