K. C. Holte, D. E. Alexander, D. M. Baker, R. L. Brown, A. M. Bruning, T. C. Cheng, F. M. Couquelet, T. W. Dakin, I. Kimoto, T. Hillesland, D. C. Jolly, G. Karady, B. E. Kingsbury, S. S. Low, S. Mak

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The application and maintenance of outdoor ceramic insulation on overhead transmission systems has been an art learned by experience. This document combines the experiences of electric utilities, manufacturers, and research laboratories into a single comprehensive application guide for the design and maintenance of transmission insulation in a contaminated environment. It is intended as a practical reference and guide to be used by all electric utility engineers and operating personnel. The reader will find a short description of contamination flashover, followed by detailed sections on site severity measurement, test procedures, design practices and maintenance practices. The emphasis in this guide is on power frequency voltages, but some occasional reference to overvoltages and dc are also made. 23 refs.

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Place of PublicationNew York, NY
StatePublished - 1800
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EventIEEE Power Eng Soc, Summer Meet, Prepr - Mexico City, USA
Duration: Jul 17 1977Jul 22 1977


OtherIEEE Power Eng Soc, Summer Meet, Prepr
CityMexico City, USA

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