Analysis of the Gran Desierto, Pinacte Region, Sonora, Mexico, via shuttle imaging radar.

R. Greeley, Philip Christensen, J. F. McHone, Y. Asmerom, J. R. Zimbelman

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The radar discriminability of geolian features and their geological seting as imaged by the SIR-A experiment is examined. The Gran Desierto and Pincate volcano field of Sonora, Mexico was used to analyze the radar characteristics of the interplay of aeolian features and volcano terrain. The area in the Gran Desierto covers 4000sq km and contains sand dunes of several forms. The Pincate volcano field covers >2000sq km and consists primarily of basaltic lavas. Margins of the field, especially on the W and N sides, include several maar and maar-like craters; thus obtaining information on their radar characteristics for comparison with impact craters.-from STAR, 23(15), 1985

Original languageEnglish (US)
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StatePublished - Jan 1 1984
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