G. Karady, H. A. Thiessen

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A study investigating the feasibility of a large, 60-GeV accelerator is discussed. The conceptual design of the magnet power supply (PS) and energy storage system is presented, and the resulting system is described. The main ring magnets will be supplied by six high-voltage and two low-voltage power supplies which will drive a trapezoidal-shaped current wave through the magnets. The peak current is 10 kA and the repetition frequency is 3. 3 Hz. During the acceleration period the current is increased from 1040 A to 10,000 A within 50 ms, which requires a loop voltage of 120 kV and a peak power of 1250 MW. During the reset period, the PS operates as an inverter with a peak power of -1250 MW. For the reduction of DC ripple, the power supplies will operate in a 24-pulse mode.

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StatePublished - 1987
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