A statics skills inventory

Scott Danielson, Robert Hinks

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    Engineering faculty recognize the value of assessment instruments to measure student learning and to evaluate changes in teaching. As a result, a number of engineering subject assessment instruments formulated as "concept" inventories have been developed. Taking a different tack, the authors of this paper decided to focus on assessment of student skills in statics and this paper provides details of the development of a statics skills assessment tool. The use of only concept inventories to provide proof of student learning is an incomplete assessment as effective application of engineering knowledge consists of both a sound understanding of conceptual knowledge and skill intertwined. For instance, while demonstrating understanding of the concept of equilibrium is valuable, it is also important students are able to generate correct equations of equilibrium. A multi-step Delphi process involving statics educators was used to reach consensus on the important skills of statics. The Delphi rankings, including the importance of the skill as judged by the Delphi participants as well as an estimate of the proportion of students whom can perform the skill, were used to develop the final list of top ranked skills. Initial skill-based questions were developed to probe these areas and tested with students. The current status of the skill assessment instrument is discussed.

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    JournalASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Conference Proceedings
    Publication statusPublished - 2008


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