A Multi-Level Analysis of the Upper-Echelons Model: Planting Seeds for Future Research

Albert A. Cannella, Tim R. Holcomb

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We thank Carpenter and Dalton and Dalton for their insights on our earlier chapter, and on the promise (and perils) of upper-echelons research in general. We set out to closely examine the levels issues in Hambrick and Mason's ((1984). Academy of Management Review, 9, 193-206.) original upper-echelons model, and the research initiatives that have applied this theoretical framework. We are encouraged by the initial reception that we have received from these authors. We continue to believe that top management teams (TMTs) are an important level of analysis for strategic leadership research, though the original upper-echelons model proposed by Hambrick and Mason cannot be directly applied at the team level. Our reply highlights several joint and individual concerns raised by the articles. We close by reiterating our call for continued analysis of the upper-echelons model.

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JournalResearch in Multi-Level Issues
Publication statusPublished - 2005
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