A green roof model for building energy simulation programs

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A physically based model of the energy balance of a vegetated rooftop has been developed and integrated into the EnergyPlus building energy simulation program. This green roof module allows the energy modeler to explore green roof design options including growing media thermal properties and depth, and vegetation characteristics such as plant type, height and leaf area index. The model has been tested successfully using observations from a monitored green roof in Florida. A preliminary set of parametric tests has been conducted on prototypical 4000 m2 office buildings in Chicago IL and Houston TX. These tests focus on evaluating the role of growing media depth, irrigation, and vegetation density (leaf area index) on both natural gas and electricity consumption. Building energy consumption was found to vary significantly in response to variations in these parameters. Further, this response depended significantly on building location (climate). Hence, it is evident that the green roof simulation tool presented here can serve a valuable role in informing green roof design decisions.

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JournalEnergy and Buildings
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  • Building energy
  • Ecoroof
  • Energy model
  • EnergyPlus
  • Green roof
  • Simulation

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