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Yuma Early Literacy Project Yuma Early Literacy Project Program Description Yuma Early Literacy Project FY15 Eight Educational Outreach (Eight) will provide 14 workshop series made up of six FREE, voluntary two-hour workshops for parents, grandparents and others caring for children birth to age five. Each of the workshops includes a childcare component centered on key early childhood language and literacy development areas. Titles of the workshops within the series are: 1. What Are They Thinking? Understanding Your Childs Brain Development 2. I Spy Through Elmos EyesLiteracy Around the House: Print Rich Environment 3. A Picture Book is Worth a Thousand Words: Storytelling 4. Unlock the PBS Literacy Treasure Chest - Activities to Promote Language & Health Development: Reading, Writing, Songs, Poetry, Healthy Families 5. Discovering Literacy Using Media: No-viewing, Co-viewing, & Interactivity 6. Traveling the World-Wide Web-Seatbelt Buckled but No Passport Required Helping explore families & educators enjoy literacy age-appropriate rich resources online These workshops are based on research and evidence based curriculum from WGBH Between the Lions and other PBS KIDS and PBS Parents resources developed by federal grants from the U.S. Department of Education. The series also hinges on four core principles of family literacy programs; 1) the value of education for success in life, 2) the central role of the parent in a childs development, 3) the identification of individual strengths, and 4) the value of experiential learning and the importance of play. The first hour and a half of the workshop agenda is designed for the adults and the facilitator to work with the content and materials to show how parents can enhance language development and literacy development in the children they care for every day. Each of the workshops includes elements focusing on the specific Arizona Early Learning Literacy Standards, 3rd Edition, and Standards of Practice for Parent Education Community Based Training that are communicated to show s
Effective start/end date7/1/156/30/16


  • First Things First : $100,000.00


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