Yr 01: Bisgrove Post-Doctoral and Early Career Scholars (Dr Wu: Architectural Thermal Energy Recovery Transformation and Harvesting for sustainable co

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Yr 01: Bisgrove Post-Doctoral and Early Career Scholars (Dr Wu: Architectural Thermal Energy Recovery Transformation and Harvesting for sustainable co Bisgrove Post-Doctoral and Early Career Scholars Institutional Statement of Justification Arizona State University (ASU) promotes an environment that supports and rewards active engagement in education and scholarship. ASU Programs are designed to foster societal change and transformation, use-inspired research, community embeddedness, and the encouragement of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary initiatives and collaboration. ASU has developed a model for a New American University by launching new interdisciplinary schools, research centers and institutes. Prominent amongst these are the School of Life Sciences, the School of Human Evolution and Social Change, the School of Sustainability and the Global Institute of Sustainability, the School of Earth and Space Exploration, and the Biodesign Institute. In addition, the Consortium for Science Policy and Outcomes and their NSF-funded Center for Nanotechnology and Society exposes and trains individuals at the interface of the research and decision making process. Within the framework of these Schools and Institutes, ASU has a number of multidisciplinary research programs in areas central to Science Foundation Arizonas mission (e.g., neuroscience, personalized medicine, clean energy, advanced communications, and sustainability) that provide an excellent environment for advanced postdoctoral training, and that promote the success of early career faculty. Following a national recruitment effort, ASU received 29 completed applications (26 Postdoctoral applications and 3 Early Career Awards) from which we selected four Postdoctoral Scholars and one Early Career Scholar. Each nominee demonstrates a strong potential for innovative multidisciplinary research in areas that complement ASUs strategic research efforts. These include novel research proposals that broadly address areas of solar energy, advanced communication technologies, health and disease, and sustainability. The nominees were selected based on research accomplishments to date, potential for future contributions (as indicated by reference letters), quality of proposed research, and a commitment and potential for effective communication of their research to a broad audience. In addition, the nominees show potential to develop partnerships with regional stakeholders (including research institutes and industries), which will have a lasting benefit to the local economy, and further establish Arizona as a national leader in the knowledge-based economy.
Effective start/end date10/1/139/30/16


  • Science Foundation of Arizona: $400,000.00


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