Year 5: Development and Implimentation of a Materials Repository for the PSI

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Year 5: Development and Implimentation of a Materials Repository for the PSI Development and Implimentation of a Materials Repository for the PSI Development and Implementation of a materials Repository for the PSI Collections of plasmids, including empty vectors and those with gene inserts, are an invaluable resource to the research community, saving researchers time and money and thus expediting a variety of biological and biomedical experimental applications. The successful distribution of these plasmid collections requires the plasmid clones to be stored in a regulated environment, to be easily retrieved from the collection, and to maintain an accurate electronic record of all transactions. For the past five years at the Harvard Medical School Institute of Proteomics ..HIP.., we have built a collection of 270,000 plasmids with genes from more than 200 organisms that includes clones created at HIP, human and mouse genes from the ORFeome collaboration, various clones from outside researchers and, most recently, clones created by researchers in the NIGMS]funded Protein Structure Initiative ..PSI.. after we became the PSI Material Repository ..PSI]MR.. in 2006. We currently store these clones in a prototype version of the Thermo Scientific BioBank that has storage capacity for 160,000 samples with integrated tube picking capability. Researchers can search our database of plasmids and order any of the plasmids in our collection through a website developed in our laboratory ..PlasmID; We have distributed over 200,000 plasmids to researchers from over 550 laboratories across the US and around the world at a lower cost than comparable profit and not]forprofit resources. The BioBank has been essential for our operations thus far; however, as a prototype it has a number of technical problems. The instrument at Harvard will continue to store plasmids and will provide essential off site storage for our valuable collection. However, the repository at ASU requires a state]of]the]art instrument to effectively store, maintain and distribute its growing collection of plasmids created by the PSI, by our laboratory, and by researchers from institutions in the Southwestern United States. To continue providing this service to the scientific community, we are requesting funding for a third generation BioBank from Thermo Scientific to function as our new Automated Storage/Retrieval System ..ASRS.. for the ]80..C storage of plasmids as glycerol stocks.
Effective start/end date9/30/098/31/10


  • HHS-NIH: National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS): $895,511.00


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