X-Ray Beam Monitoring with Thin PIN Diamond

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X-Ray Beam Monitoring with Thin PIN Diamond X-Ray Beam Monitoring with Thin PIN Diamond Arizona State University is a world leader in single-crystal diamond research. Consequently, working with ASU means Advent Diamond will have access to some of the best diamond reactors as well as access to an extensive knowledge base in the field. The ASU team has extensive research on diamond radiation detectors based on pin diodes which will be directly applicable to this project. ASU will collaborate with Advent Diamond on the development of a new generation of diamond pin x-ray detectors. Diamond pin structures appropriate for the x-ray detector applications will be grown at ASU and provided to Advent Diamond for detector fabrication and testing. Advent will provide two optical grade intrinsic diamond (1 0 0) substrates ASU will deposit epitaxial boron doped layers (target thickness of 200 - 800 nm) on one side of each substrates followed by deposition of a phosphorus doped diamond layer on the opposite side (target thickness of 400 - 800 nm). Advent will perform SIMS of the phosphorus doped layers, and electrical results of the sheet resistance of the phosphorus doped layers and share results with ASU. Advent will provide two electronic grade intrinsic diamond (1 0 0) substrates. Based on the analysis of the optical grade samples, in collaboration with ASU, Advent will specify the layer thicknesses and doping and ASU will deposit a boron doped diamond layer on one side and a phosphorus doped layer on the opposite side of each of the substrates targeted to the specifications.
Effective start/end date2/19/1911/18/19


  • DOE: Office of Science (OS): $12,000.00


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