WORKSHOP: Data Management and Data Sharing Workshop for Science and Technology Studies

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Overview: Page A Data management has always posed challenges with a diversity of data management plans over the past centuries. Recording ship logs, weather information, health statistics, census information, or fisheries records give just a few examples. In recent decades, researchers have added new kinds of data, and rapidly accumulating amounts of data. Therefore, the scientific community continues to have the traditional problems of managing all the information. In addition, there are challenges for archiving, curating, storing, and making available the data collected so that it is actually useful. This requires development of effective repositories and standards for metadata and other ways to promote interoperability. Two different kinds of problems arise with the need for effective and sustainable infrastructure: the need to manage data successfully, and the need to understand what will count as successful management ? success for what, evaluated by whom. The NSF requirement for data management plans for every proposal submitted demand that we address both these needs. We propose a set of two workshops that will work on different sets of related problems, then will come together to share results and develop products available to the broader professional communities in the fields that make up science and technology studies.
Effective start/end date6/1/145/31/16


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $39,268.00


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