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Work Investment Act Youth Study Work Investment Act Youth Study The process evaluation will focus on answering the following questions: Program goals, objectives, and target priorities. What is the WIA-Youth Program's goals and objectives? Review policies and procedures. Interview program staff, program administrators, and members of the Local Work Incentive Board. Recruitment and enrollment phases of the program What strategies are employed to recruit, select, screen and assign enrollees to relevant services? Who assigns or refers enrollees to relevant services? How are the needs of program participants assessed? Do the assessments establish a baseline for measuring relevant changes? Are assessments developmentally appropriate (younger versus older youth)? Review current assessment materials and data management systems. Case management service element. How are case management services organized? How are cases monitored and individual service plans modified? Description of other relevant program elements. Do the service plans for each program element align with program goals and objectives? Are dosages consistent with desired outcomes? Are interventions aligned with need assessments? Process outcomes: Develop a blueprint of the current program activities. Assess program structure, organization of services and measurement system. Offer recommendations for potential changes in structure and measures of success. Phase2: formative/implementation phase. Develop program logic model. Are program elements being implemented as designed? Provide training and technical assistance on any modifications in program design or measurement strategies. Identify or create new measures of enrollee need. Review literature and other programs for relevant measures. Train on any new instruments accepted for use by the programs. Assess fidelity in implementing program assessment procedures. Create data collection design. Create a data collection design for measuring program effectiveness for each program element. Create methods for profiling real time progress on intermediary measures. Outcomes: Identify relevant implementation problems and negotiate solutions to problems with program administrators and relevant providers. Phase 3:Outcome evaluation. Assess the feasibility of selecting a relevant comparison group for evaluating the program's effectiveness. Implement data collection design developed in the prior phase of the evaluation process. Establish agreed upon research questions with Local Work Investment Board. Negotiate appropriate follow-ups and desired comparisons on any additional measures besides the measures contained in established data collection system. We can negotiate timelines, but the evaluation would begin April 30th.
Effective start/end date5/1/138/25/14


  • US Department of Labor (DOL): $200,000.00


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