Womens Entrepreneurship Initiative: a Pipeline of Makers

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We are proposing to leverage SBA funding to recruit and retain women-led teams (that have business ideas in high growth sectors) in an accelerator program. We currently have several pieces in place to address the dearth of women entrepreneurs in high growth sectors. SBA funding would allow us to develop a solid pipeline to ensure we are truly addressing the womens entrepreneurship gap from a systemic and holistic perspective.
The first step of our pipeline, the ASU Innovation Challenges program, is a series of competitions that will be leveraged to nominate and recruit women entrepreneurs into our existing accelerator program. Step 2 of the pipeline, the accelerator program, will allow women entrepreneurs identified in step 1 to develop their ideas, find team members, and validate and refine their ideas. Step 3 of the pipeline includes advanced educational programming and mentorship for businesses that are in revenue and ready to scale. We are currently offering Step 3 programming via a partnership with Think Global Institute and Ellevate. With SBA support, we can create this complete pipeline from idea to advanced business services for womens entrepreneurship, a model we can share with others.
Effective start/end date10/1/149/30/15


  • Small Business Administration (SBA): $50,000.00


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