Women Entrepreneurs Aspire, Activate and Accelerate "WE3A"

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Women Entrepreneurs Aspire, Activate and Accelerate "WE3A" Women Entrepreneurs Aspire, Activate and Accelerate "WE3A" Program objectives: As an effort to further scale the impact of the WeForLAC Program, We3A will seek to promote the growth and resilience of women-led/owned SMEs (WSMEs), with a special focus on WSMEs that are tapping into value chains and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)-based WSMEs. The programs specific objectives will be to improve: 1) WSMEs access to value chains, 2) WSMEs' access to disruptive technologies and digital financial inclusion, 3) high-growth WSMEs' access to early stage finance. We3A will pay special attention to mitigating post-COVID-19 economic turbulence, both by supporting WSMEs that have been negatively impacted and by identifying solutions and new business opportunities, such as WSMEs that leverage disruptive technologies to innovate in health, education, and financial sectors, among others. We3A will target some of Latin Americas lowest-income economies and nascent entrepreneurial ecosystems, allocating 50% of We-Fi resources to WSMEs in three IDA countries (Honduras, Guyana and Nicaragua). We3A will also place special emphasis on C&D countries, the most underdeveloped economies per IDB Group Country Grouping , including those in Central America (El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama) and the Andean region (Ecuador). Two B countries whose entrepreneurial ecosystems are on the rise (Colombia and Peru) will be incorporated for activities relating to knowledge transfer and regionalization effects for WSMEs in more nascent ecosystems. Target WSMEs. We3A will focus on women entrepreneurs in all business phases. For Value-chain based WSMEs, We3A will mainly target women who face multiple inequalities, as well as WSMEs that offer social and environmental productivity services. For STEM-based WSMEs, We3A will identify and support those that leverage disruptive technology (e.g. big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, AR/VR, blockchain, and other digital technology) to innovate and address key challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).
Effective start/end date5/27/217/12/24


  • World Bank: $5,494,862.00


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