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Western Region Public Health Law Program - Renewal 1 Western Region Public Health Law Program - Renewal - 1 Law is a highly effective tool to promote and protect the publics health, but many officials, practitioners and decision-makers lack access to essential public health legal expertise. The Western Region Office (WRO) of proposes to continue leveraging its experience and standing in the public health law community to support those working to improve the publics health through law. Over the next two years, the WRO will enhance the Networks ability to raise its profile and provide expanded areas of expertise, assistance, resources and leadership in using law to improve population health. It will achieve these objectives through collaborations with key public health law associates and others, production of scholarly and practice-based publications, providing public health law training through conferences, presentations, and webinars, and fostering relationships with multi-sector partners. Providing real-time, reliable and objective guidance on a vast array of public health law topics across multiple jurisdictions is challenging. WRO personnel manage and oversee their Network activities through regular updates, constant education, personal contact with requestors, and significant checks and balances in its collaborative operations.
Effective start/end date5/12/175/31/19


  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: $970,874.00


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