WaterWorksASU-Distributed Water Reclamation for Market Transformation (ASUF 30007369)

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WaterWorksASU-Distributed Water Reclamation for Market Transformation (ASUF 30007369) WaterWorks @ ASU - Distributed Water Reclamation for Market Transformation It is the Perfect Storm in which to introduce game-changing, onsite wastewater reclamation to meet Arizonas water needs. Marrying ASUs aggressive sustainability goals with City of Tempes pro-active planning for its wastewater collection and treatment systems, overlain with the drought-stricken Colorado River has created the perfect launch-pad for an innovative 1.5+ million gallons per day water reclamation facility. Termed WaterWorks @ ASU, this project will reduce ASUs potable water demand by 36% and offer unparalleled community engagement to transform water culture and promote replication. But this flood continues. ASUs 127 water-focused faculty and institutes, coupled with the largest student body in the country will research and learn technologies to further expand our water supply. The community partnership and precious resource development doesnt stop at the campus boundaries. Team member Catellus will develop the new Athletic District, with purple pipes as the foundation: toilets, landscapes, and cooling towers using reclaimed water!
Effective start/end date11/10/1612/31/17


  • Arizona Community Foundation (ACF): $5,000.00


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