VIL Innovation Lab Program 2017/18

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VIL Innovation Lab Program 2017/18 VIL Innovation Lab Program 2017/18 VIL Innovation Lab Program 2017/18 Through the Verizon Innovative Learning (VIL) Lab Expansion, Arizona State University (ASU) will work in partnership with the to provide virtual and facetoface training and support, technology, and curriculum to schools selected to receive a VIL Lab. We will leverage a variety of channels to communicate the Verizon's brand and Verizon's partnership with ASU. This will include a website for the program; a social media presence; press releases and articles; printed material; "swag" items; posters; and more. All items will include Verizon branding. In addition, all materials used for training and development will be branded. We also will collaborate with Verizon on several largescale events that attract press, media, and leaders in education, government, and industry.
Effective start/end date8/3/1712/31/18


  • Verizon Foundation: $265,437.00


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