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Verrado Youth Leadership Verrado Youth Leadership With this commitment to continued partnership in mind, the PCD proposes a limited scope involvement with the Assembly to assist in the programming and offering of a new cycle of the Verrado Youth Leadership program during the 2009-2010 academic year. The scope is tailored to the staff contributions, volunteer base and resources ($10,000) currently for the program available from the . The target population for this program is middle school youth residing in Verrado during the 2009-2010 academic year. We propose that the Verrado Youth leadership program meet every two weeks for up to three hours in each meeting. Specific class meeting times, as well as specific length of each session, will be determined by student preference, as well as availability of Assembly volunteers. Classes will not meet during normal School District vacation periods. The focus of the curriculum will be on learning the fundamentals of effective community building, with a discovery-learning framework that exposes the students to best practices and traditions of community building from a global perspective. PCD staff will design the curriculum, attend and manage every other session, and provide discovery-learning templates to guide the students and Assembly Volunteers who will manage the sessions in between the ASU hosted sessions. It will also assist Verrado staff and volunteers in delivering several take-backs to the Verrado community as a whole. Possibilities include student presentations on insights gained from their studies of community building, an open town hall to the entire Verrado community with presentations from their learning environment and/or an International Day with student displays and international cooking. Verrado Youth Leadership The ASU Partnership for Community Development (PCD) has been assisting (VA) in the development of community leadership programs since July 1, 2006. Since then, the PCD has assisted in developing the curriculum and structure for three annual cycles of Verrado Leadership (Classes I, II, and III), has participated in many monthly meetings and facilitated the annual retreats of each class. The program was designed to instill in the participants core principles of community-based leadership, and organize community-based action around the four desired outcomes: create a welcoming community, be an ambassador for the VA, be a neighborhood organizer, and be an incubator of stewardship within the community. As part of this partnership, the PCD also participated in developing the curriculum and structure of Verrado Youth Leadership (Class I), which was launched in January, 2008. The PCD provided the conceptual and operational leadership for the entirety of Class I, and is now providing the same for Class II. The Verrado Youth Leadership programs have been designed to instill core principles of leadership through a mix of study, role playing, and recreation programming. For Class II, the focus of the curriculum has been on learning the fundamentals of effective community building, with a discovery-learning framework that exposes the students to best practices and traditions of community building from a global perspective. The scope of work for the current contractual arrangement is attached as Exhibit B. While the intent of the PCD/ partnership has always been to continue PCD contributions to the entire constellation of leadership development programs in Verrado (i.e., Verrado Leadership and Youth Verrado Youth Leadership programs), lack of resources precipitated by the current economic climate limited the agreed scope of work in the current contractual arrangement to that reflected in Exhibit B. Yet, as noted in the agreement, the PCD has continued to participate in the Verrado Leadership program in numerous capacities, including participation in the Verrado Leadership annual retreat in February, 2009. The PCD remains committed to a partnership with VA that honors the incubating structures put into place for both leadership programs, by offering assistance to the VA until each has the capacity for self-sustainability as quality programs.
Effective start/end date7/1/098/31/11


  • Verrado Assembly: $20,000.00


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