VDF Veteran Cognition and Academic Success

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VDF Veteran Cognition and Academic Success Veteran Cognition and Academic Success When military veterans enter (or re-enter) college, it is not uncommon for them to report difficulties with learning, attention, and distraction. Although the students may be aware that they are experiencing difficulties, they often do not know the exact nature of the problem or what services they should seek. This innovative pilot program will provide military veteran students at different post-secondary levels (ASU, MCC, Upward Bound) the opportunity to be tested for possible memory and attention problems that could affect their academic performance. The clinical memory assessments would be provided to the veteran students at no cost and they would be compensated for the testing time. These students will also be provided specific referrals and recommendations to help mediate any observed problems. In addition to these direct benefits to the veteran students, the data collected from this program will be included in a large external grant proposal that would greatly expand the testing and services available to military veteran students at all post-secondary education levels.
Effective start/end date8/1/147/31/16


  • Arizona Department of Veterans' Services (ADVS): $4,170.00


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