Using Research to Shape Instruction and Placement in Algebra and Precalculus

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Michael Tallman will be assisting Marilyn Carlson in data collection and analysis to validate the APCR instrument. This will involve their designing interview questions for each APCR item, then subsequently conducting interviews with students to validate each question and the five answer choices associated with each item. They will then analyze the qualitative data to establish the common student reasoning associated with each answer choice. They will generate a report of their findings along with suggestions for refining both the APCR instrument and the taxonomy. The PI and consultants will review the findings and revisions, and then a modified version of APCR will again be tested with students, with follow up clinical interviews conducted to continue validating APCR items and answer choices. After the validation process is complete they will produce a final report of the concept(s) and/or reasoning abilities assessed by each item, and the common student reasoning associated with each answer choice.
Effective start/end date10/1/129/30/14


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $45,586.00


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