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Urbanization and Global Environmental Change International Project Office Urbanization and global environmental Change International Project Office Since its establishment at Arizona State University in 2006, the International Project Office (IPO) of the Urbanization and Global Environmental Change (UGEC) project has coordinated and facilitated new knowledge generation and dissemination on urban areas and their connections to global environmental change - at the intersection of social and natural sciences. Through the support of its IPO, UGEC has been an international leader in establishing this field of urbanization and global environmental change. The IPO has built an important international interdisciplinary integrative research coordination network of scholars and practitioners that work at various facets of the interface of cities and the (global) environment, promoting collaboration among academics and practitioners as urban areas prepare to respond to global environmental change. The IPO has driven knowledge sharing, originally developed within disciplinary boundaries of social sciences, engineering sciences, planning, natural and health sciences, and promoted theory development, forming a new Urbanization and Global Environmental Change identity. This proposal asks the National Science Foundation to sponsor the next phase of the IPOs synthetic and integrative set of activities.
Effective start/end date9/1/122/28/17


  • NSF-ENG: Division of Biological & Critical Systems (BCS): $750,000.00


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