Upskilling English for STEM Teachers in Chilean Public Schools

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Upskilling English for STEM Teachers in Chilean Public Schools Upskilling English for STEM Teachers in Chilean Public Schools Arizona State Universitys Global Launch proposes to expand the use of English in Chilean STEM classrooms by improving the English proficiency of 60 STEM teachers through the implementation of online study and by teaching them English Medium Instruction (EMI) teaching techniques. The program has five parts: 1. Needs analysis to determine the current level of proficiency of the teachers, their level of confidence in using the language, and the topics which they would like to teach and speak about in English. Local partner, Consejo de Curso will lead recruitment efforts. 2. Creation of a 4-week online course at the CEFR A2 level, Upskilling English for STEM Teachers. 3. Course implementation with synchronous and asynchronous instruction. Success support services will be provided by Consejo de Curso. 4. Application Workshops. From February to May, ASU educators will lead workshops that explain, model and provide practice of classroom activities using English as the Medium of Instruction. Participants will use these activities in their own classrooms and reflect on their use. This will reinforce and expand the English that they have learned, as well as show them how to use English in their classrooms. 5. Participants will be given access to pre-existing self-paced independent study online English courses from ASU from February to December 2022, so that they can continue to improve their English skills. Digital certificates will be given for completion of various parts of the program. We are requesting $61,729 to implement this program. ASU will offer access to the pre-existing online placement exam and the pre-existing courses as leverage (in-kind donation) to meet this budget.
Effective start/end date9/15/218/31/22


  • DOS: US Embassy-Chile: $61,729.00


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