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University of Manitoba - BV Efficiency Efforts University of Manitoba - BV Efficiency Efforts This research grant includes the following for a period of one year: Assist UM in developing a strategic plan to apply and test Best Value concepts and processes Assist UM in developing an educational plan to educate key personnel (designated as the core team) on Best- Value principles and techniques via on-site visits, distance education, telecommunication, etc. Provide a minimum of 6 on-site education for core team and critical UM staff Provide project and organizational level testing, measurement, education and training Assist with preparing documents and procedures based on compliance with UM procurement policies for tests Assist with preparing critical documents such as the Advertisement, RFP, and Evaluation Plan documents (incorporating all necessary best value language) Assist the UM in preparing a project schedule (including the Best-Value activities) Assist the UM with implementing the Best Value process on multiple projects (up to 10 projects depending on the scope of the projects). This includes education and assistance with: o Education for vendors on the best value process o Assistance with collecting Past Performance Information on vendors o Assistance with interview procedures o Assistance and education with the evaluation process o Educate and assist the UM and Vendors in preplanning the service (pre-award period) Important Note: This program requires a change in paradigm. This change may not be easily adapted by personnel within organizations. ASU/PBSRG has no control over UM personnel, nor the speed of implementation of Best Value concepts. The ability to complete all of the tasks outlined in this document is dependent upon UM and UMs personnel. Note: ASU/PBSRG is constantly implementing and optimizing its research processes and concepts, including the Information Measurement Theory (IMT), the BV Performance Information Procurement System (PIPS), and others across multiple grant sponsors and research efforts. ASU/PBSRG utilizes opportunities in other research grants and educational classes to optimize the technology for all participants in the system. The continual improvement of the research is through the many opportunities of research sponsors projects and the education of the technology through ASU graduate and undergraduate education classes and professional seminars. It is through the AZ Tech license that the grant sponsor receives the benefit of all of PBSRGs efforts across its multiple and varied sponsors and educational efforts.
Effective start/end date4/1/133/31/17


  • OTHER: Foreign University: $350,000.00


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