Unified description of the three-dimensional structure of wall-turbulence with large-scales and very large-scales

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Intellectual Merit The structure of quasi-stream wise vortices in the near-wall and their dynamics are becoming reasonably well understood. The proposed work would put our understanding of the structure of the logarithmic layer and large/very-large scale on a comparable footing, and it would establish a basis for addressing the dynamics of these motions. Incorporating the LSM/VLSM eddies into a unified picture will answer a long-standing question concerning autonomy of the near-wall layer and the physical processes that determine the statistical behavior. Deeper understanding of POD modes and their relation to coherent structures on multiple scales will materially advance our methodology for extracting information from the richness of DNS databases. Broader Impact A unified physical picture would enable future research investigations to sharpen their questions and lead to deeper insights. It would also impact the formulation of large eddy simulations and RANS computational methods, and scaling laws for engineering systems and the formulation of techniques to reduce drag and otherwise manage turbulent flow over surfaces. Very broadly, such improvements have value to society in the areas of energy, transportation, weather prediction and other geophysical processes.xt1=&__spDummy
Effective start/end date8/1/094/30/13


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $300,000.00


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