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UIA - Member Payments UIA - University Innovation Alliance (Oregon State University) UIAs fifth goal: Eliminate disparities in educational outcomes based on student background characteristics such as race/ethnicity, income, generational status, gender, and geography, with specific consideration to the individual demographic context of each institution. Next steps: UIA team will work with Postsecondary Analytics and institutional research representatives to review and update data sharing agreement to accommodate new goal and requisite data. UIA University Innovation Alliance (Iowa State University) THIS COLLABORATIVE AGREEMENT (Agreement) is made and entered into by and between the Arizona Board of Regents for and on behalf of Arizona State University ("ASU"), whose principal location is Tempe, Arizona, and (UNIVERSITY) with a principal place of business at Ames, Iowa. ASU and UNIVERSITY are also referred to collectively as the (PARTIES) or individually as a (PARTY). Each PARTY will identify and share common challenges presented in its daily work that impede student success and productivity for students who identify as first generation in college, of color, and/or from low-income families. Each PARTY will develop new methods to share and diffuse existing innovations, process lessons learned, and best practices gained from this work through a variety of new approaches to share and promote good ideas. Each PARTY will share data collected and report data when needed for furtherance of UIA. Any student data to be shared will be protected by each Party under the requirements of the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (also called FERPA). Each PARTY will provide a one-to-one match in costs to support the UIA initiatives and projects at their institution. Shared and matching costs will include, but not be limited to, new dollars raised, salary support, facility and administrative fees, and travel expenses. A PARTY can use unrecovered F&A, based on its negotiated F&A rate, toward its match. Any match related to an IP will be documented per a MOA for that IP. Each PARTY recognizes that various foundations are supporting UIA and the parties may be subject to foundation terms and conditions. Each PARTY will use reasonable efforts to provide requested information to one another to fulfill foundation requirements. When necessary, ASU will include specific terms and conditions in MOA. Each PARTY will maintain all material licenses, certification and approvals for its own facilities and conduct of any research activities. Each PARTY will be responsible at all times for managing its own personnel involved in any activities, including but not limited to, hiring, termination and discipline pursuant to its own policies and procedures. UIA University Innovation Alliance (Michigan State University) UIA University Innovation Alliance (University of California-Riverside) UIA University Innovation Alliance (Purdue University) UIA University Innovation Alliance (University of Central Florida) The University Innovation Alliance (UIA) is the leading national coalition of public research universities committed to increasing the number and diversity of college graduates in the United States. Our member institutions are working together to develop, scale, and share innovative solutions that help students overcome academic, financial, and personal obstacles to success and earn a high-quality college degree. The UIA is designed, organized, and led by our institutions presidents and chancellors. Our institutions have committed to collaborating, valuing transparency about whats workingand whats notto ensure we can quickly remove barriers for students. We do so by testing and verifying new methods of improving student success on individual campuses. We then gather member institutions to learn and iterate. We replicate successeson new campuses, and document and share those successes so others can repeat. Together, we represent all regions of the country and span the spectrum of U.S. public research universities, from emergent institutions to land grant universities and state flagships.
Effective start/end date4/27/2112/31/25


  • INDUSTRY: Various Consortium Members: $1,234,827.00


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