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UIA - ECMC: University Innovation Alliance ASUF 30007620 University Innovation Alliance 2.0 (UIA 2.0) Program Summary Since its launch in 2014, the UIA has established a strong record for collaboration, scale, and impact. What began as a theoretical concept has grown into a nationally recognized community of practice driving institutional transformation and student success. As a result, over 65 institutions and consortia have requested entry into the UIA. With a growing body of evidence that the UIAs design, strategy, theory of change, and community norms demonstrate promise for all of higher education, we are now poised to embark upon our next phase of operations, which we are calling UIA 2.0. With this proposal, we are proud to present a roadmap by which we will evolve our current model, test the limits of our community of practice, and develop a strategy to impact higher education more broadly. Ultimately, we aim to create a national movement for student success innovation and institutional transformation. This project is designed around two separate and interrelated goals: 1. To design and host a national convening for Student Success Innovation and Campus Transformation (SSICT) that will represent the gold standard for diffusion of innovation and cutting edge ideas. 2. To formalize a process by which the UIA can double institutional membership over a period of four years, from 11 to 22 institutions. SSICT will serve as a natural diffusion exercise. Attending institutions will learn about the past and ongoing successes of the alliance, receiving guidance on how to implement strategies on their own campuses and on how to explore future membership. The process for new membership is still under development, however we expect to implement a 3-month probationary period through which campuses will execute specific tasks, assemble student success teams and formalize processes and collaborative agreements required for full membership. At the conclusion of this period, committed universities will join a pledge class based on their year of admittance. Over time these classes will distinguish themselves as they pursue specific projects and goals based upon their work as alliance members. A thoughtful, staged growth process will allow us to look for the moment when the core group would benefit from being divided into sub-groups. When we reach that point, alliance leadership will evaluate the current network, progress, strengths, and challenges before beginning the design process for UIA 3.0. As the UIA grows, we anticipate that the national convenings will evolve to become the premiere national event for student success innovation and campus transformational change, with multiple programming tracks and opportunities for institutions to connect with funders and vendors to accelerate the scale and diffusion of promising and proven student success innovations.
Effective start/end date5/1/174/30/19


  • ECMC Foundation: $600,000.00


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