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TRIO Talent Search West TRIO Talent Search West Arizona State University at the West campus requests funding for a new TRIO Talent Search grant program to provide intensive academic support services to 500 students in Glendale Union High School District and targeting four high schools: Apollo, Cortez, Glendale, and Independence. This target area includes high numbers of low income, first generation students. The Talent Search program will offer holistic services to supplement existing services: Academic enrichment services will include the following: needs assessment, tutoring in writing, mathematics, critical thinking, small work groups, rigorous curriculum and test preparation. Further, emotional support such as assistance with personal development, financial aid, financial and economic literacy, mentoring, career exploration and peer support groups will be provided. Experiential support will include cultural enrichment activities, summer enrichment activities and college visits all offered to help the student grow through new experiences and networking. Community and institutional commitment for the TRIO Talent Search is strong. ASU West campus will provide direct support of staff and operating expenses as well as collaborative support from departments throughout the university such as financial aid, admissions and career services. The proposal will address Competitive Preference Priority 1: Fostering Knowledge and Promoting the Development of Skills that Prepare Students to be Informed, Thoughtful, and Productive Individuals and Citizens; Competitive Preference Priority 2: Promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM) Education, with a particular focus on Computer Science; and Competitive Preference Priority 3: Applications that demonstrate a Rationale-. Under this priority, an applicant proposes a project that demonstrates a rationale (as defined in 34 CFR 77.1)
Effective start/end date10/1/219/30/26


  • US Department of Education (DOEd): $1,386,875.00


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