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TRiO Student Support Services Program- West campus TRiO Student Support Services Program- STEM Focused Arizona State University at the West campus requests funding for a new TRiO Student Support Services- STEM focused grant to service the campuses large number of low income, first generation students and student with disabilities who are majoring in STEM focused field. The program will enroll 130 participants per year and offer intensive academic support services to assist student participants towards the successful completion of a four-year baccalaureate degree. The SSS STEM focused program will offer services that augment existing college and university services unique to individuals in STEM fields that address the students holistic needs in terms of instructional, counseling and experiential support. Instructional services will include the following: needs assessment, tutoring in writing, mathematics, critical thinking, computer based learning, small work groups and STEM specialized case studies and workshops Further emotional support such as assistance with personal development, financial aid, faculty mentoring, career exploration and peer support groups will be provided. Experiential support will include cultural enrichment activities, summer bridge, conference attendance and research experiences, all offered to help the student succeed in their respective STEM field. Institutional commitment for the TRiO SSS is strong. ASU West will provide more than $25,000 in direct support of staff and operating expenses as well collaborative support from departments throughout the university such as financial aid and careers services. In addition, the project will be supplied with ample space, centrally located, including private offices for project staff and computer labs and study areas for students. ASU West SSS STEM focused program will work closely with academic partners to provide students with specific tools to persist, remain in good academic standing and increase the number of low income students who graduate with STEM degrees. As this campus grows in its STEM offering, TRiO SSS STEM will provide academic support to assure participants receive the best support necessary to compete in our global world.ec5
Effective start/end date9/1/108/31/11


  • US Department of Education (DOEd): $213,173.00


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