TRIF: Supporting and Increasing Recycling Around Arizona

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TRIF: Supporting and Increasing Recycling Around Arizona TRIF: Supporting and Increasing Recycling Around Arizona This study will detail recycling options for Arizona and highlight the challenges and opportunities for each community across the State. In the public sector, regional-scale zero waste and circular economy initiatives are starting to take hold in the U.S., mirroring similar trends in European regions. These initiatives range from regional collaboration on materials marketplaces, to regional materials recovery industrial parks, to integrated solid waste management systems at county and regional scales. A region-wide approach creates benefits from economies of scale and the associated bargaining power to attract end market processors and producers, pooling of limited resources of multiple municipal and county governments to share risk and responsibility while more effectively addressing solid waste issues, and allowing for region-wide efficiencies in developing interventions and market driven opportunities.
Effective start/end date5/15/225/14/25


  • Arizona Board of Regents: $1,300,000.00


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