Travel Time/Level of Service & Park Wide Travel Patterns Data Collection and Development for Transportation Model for Yosemite National Park

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This proposal and scope of work (SOW) describes research to be conducted as part of a larger effort, led by David Evans and Associates (DEA), to conduct and correlate transportation and visitor use models to support crowding and congestion management in Yosemite National Park (YNP). The goal of the overall project (referred to as Project) is to inform the development of an integrated transportation management system for YNP that is understandable to the public, legally defensible, based on sound science, and ensures high-quality visitor experiences while protecting park resources. This proposal extends prior research on visitor experience and transportation systems in YNP (White, 2007; White & Aquino, 2008; White, Youngs, Wodrich, & Borcherding, 2006; Youngs, White, & Wodrich, 2008). This prior research identified multiple salient experiential dimensions of visitor travel in YNP, including perceptions of freedom and access, environmental responsibility, and stress and conflict. The prior research also provides insight into visitors travel mode choices, travel behaviors, preferences for transportation management alternatives, and how visitors experiences differ when traveling by traditional or alternative transportation. This proposal details social science research to be conducted by Arizona State University (ASU) to accomplish Task 1 as outlined in the Project SOW: Task 1 Travel Time/Level of Service & Park Wide Travel Patterns Data Collection and Development for Transportation Model. The Contractor shall develop two to three alternatives for collecting information necessary to develop standards and accurately populate the transportation model to address displacement in model simulations. These alternatives may include trip diaries, license plate recognition studies, and visitor experience and quality surveys. The selected alternative will be used by the contractor to collect these data. The goals of the proposed research are to document visitor travel patterns and travel times; identify salient transportation-related indicators of visitor experience quality (i.e., stress and conflict, freedom and access, environmental responsibility); identify visitor-based standards of quality for the indicators; and correlate experiential indicators with visitor travel patterns (i.e., correlate perceptions of stress and conflict, LOS, etc. with travel time).ackgro
Effective start/end date10/22/092/28/12


  • DOI: National Park Service (NPS): $77,069.00


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