Transitioning Aging Mobile HomeRV Parks

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Transitioning Aging Mobile HomeRV Parks Transitioning Aging Mobile Home/RV Parks As a popular destination for winter visitors, Apache Junction has one-hundred twenty-five Mobile Home and Recreational Vehicle Parks within the city limits. Construction on some of the parks dates back to the 1950s with park construction and design standards varying over the years. Therefore designs, amenities, and conditions vary from park to park. Older parks are run down and detrimental to Apache Junctions image. However, many of the older parks are an affordable option for low-income residents. The purpose of the project is to determine a future path for some of the more blighted parks in the city without reducing the affordable housing stock in the city. Students will research and propose affordable housing options to move aging, dilapidated parks to more desirable and productive neighborhoods. Solutions will focus on defining minimum standards and enforceable codes.
Effective start/end date1/20/188/16/19


  • LOCAL: Arizona Municipal Government: $2,500.00


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