Transgenic Vegetables for Fertilizer Use Efficiency

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Transgenic Vegetables for Fertilizer Use Efficiency Transgenic Vegetables for Fertilizer Use Efficiency The objective of this project is to evaluate the potential for using AVP1 modified vegetables for improved nutrient use efficiency under desert cropping systems. Studies will initially include carrot, potato and romaine lettuce. As part of this project we will also modify iceberg lettuce and perform studies on this as well. Field studies will include N and P rate studies and comparisons of AVP1 modified cultivars and conventional cultivar counterparts. These studies will evaluate yield, quality, and N, P, and K recoveries by AVP1 and conventional cultivars. These studies will be conducted at the university research centers in Maricopa and Yuma AZ due to existing restrictions concerning GMOs and field production.
Effective start/end date10/12/119/30/13


  • US Department of Agriculture (USDA): $34,000.00


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