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Training the Journalism Trainers Training the Journalism Trainers We will teach four trainers the latest techniques in journalism education, holding seminars, visiting classes and meeting with professors. At conclusion, each Turkish trainers will present a 30-minute training program, using what they learned. Journalism trainers in Turkey need a better understanding of pedagogical methods and effective ways of teaching young journalists. This program is designed to provide them with a structure for developing courses and a toolkit for effective teaching. Goals and objectives: 1. Create a class using Blooms taxonomy and learning outcomes a) Understand the philosophy of building training around learning outcomes b) Determine what makes good learning outcomes c) Determine how to best measure student performance 2. Compare and contrast student and professional learning techniques a) Explore the latest research on effective adult learning b) Explore different learning platforms and modalities c) Compare different teaching styles (news writing, interview skills, principles of journalism, ethics, production, and TV journalism) 3. Experiment with various hands-on learning strategies for effective adult learning a) Understand how teaching strategies affect student performance b) Interview students about their experiences in learning c) Interview faculty about their experiences in teaching
Effective start/end date10/1/224/30/23


  • U.S. Embassy Turkey: $61,999.00


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