Toward Safer Online Experiences for LGBTQ+ Communities

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Toward Safer Online Experiences for LGBTQ+ Communities Toward Safer Online Experiences for LGBTQ+ Communities The full project, including work performed at Loyola University Chicago and Arizona State University, will draw on the lived experiences of LGBTQ+ youth to (1) design and implement more effective and debiased cyberbullying detection frameworks, and (2) investigate how to apply these models and other tools in ways that improve the online experiences and outcomes of LGBTQ+ communities. Specifically, it will include three core tasks. First, we will conduct focus group and survey research with individuals from a range of LGBTQ+ communities to build a better understanding of cyberbullying experiences among sexual and gender identity minorities. Second, we will design an ML-based cyberbullying detection framework that adapts to the needs of LGBTQ+ users and mitigates algorithmic bias. Third, we will collect survey data to evaluate the efficacy of a range of anti-bullying mechanisms among different LGBTQ+ communities.
Effective start/end date1/1/2312/31/23


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $30,000.00


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