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Meet with Richard Porter to learn how to complete Synar statistics December 31, 2011 e-mail confirming that meeting took place b) Acquire City of Tucson and Department of Revenue vendor lists. (contingent on receiving files from agencies) January 13, 2012 Copy of lists to ADHS c) Incorporate Arizona Department of Revenue and City of Tucson lists into Synar list January 31, 2012 Only new vendors from the Department of Revenue and Tucson list will be added to existing list. d) Make changes to the vendor list based on the results of the previous year Synar and FDA inspections January 31, 2012 All duplicates, adult businesses, wholesalers, private homes and businesses that do not sell tobacco will be removed from the list e) Modify the database to include the Synar data codes March 30, 2012 E-mail to DBHS verifying that the codes have been added f) Call each vendor and conduct an internet search to: Determine if business is still in operation and sells tobacco verify vendor name complete address and phone February 1, 2012, -March 30, 2012 All vendors in the list will have an up to date, name, address, phone, and zipe and will have been open at the time of the verification. . g) Complete cleaning process using SFY 2012 ADHS Synar Cleaning Protocol April 13, 2012 List will not contain duplicates, private homes, wholesalers, or businesses that do not sell tobacco. Send a copy to ADHS. h) Reform and reconfigure clusters per the SFY 2011 ADHS Clustering Protocol April 30, 2012 List of clusters including cluster number, zip codes included, location, and number of businesses in cluster i) Cleaned and clustered data sent to May 4, 2012 Data to be submitted to the DBHS Synar Coordinator in Excel. IGA #: HG926639 ADHS j) Calculate the minimum number of inspections which must be completed May 4, 2012 Send minimum number of inspections to be completed in an e-mail to DBHS k) Run random number sequence to select clusters for survey May 4, 2012 Send list of clusters which will be surveyed to DBHS Synar Coordinator. l) Participate in on-line Synar training for providers May 30, 2011 SIRC will assist with providing instructions for online database. m) Provide Synar database: on-line and fully functional for Synar inspections May 15, 2011 SIRC will provide ADHS link of live production database. n) Add and delete inspectors and chaperones names to the online database as requested May 1, 2011 to September 30, 2011 SIRC will modify as requested by ADHS. o) Create SFY 2012 chaperone usernames and passwords, and inspector identification May 27, 2011 Submit list to ADHS p) Weekly updates on number of completed inspections Every Friday in June 2012 Report will include the number of completed inspections (using the ADHS definition of a completed inspection). q) Trouble shoot all database glitches and provide technical assistance as needed to Synar inspection teams in use of the database On-going SIRC will ensure all data is fully backed up and saved in case of computer failure r) Ensure all originally assigned vendors with ID numbers have been accounted for in the database July 30, 2012 Notify DBHS via e-mail of any vendor numbers which do not have an entry. s) Remove new vendors which were added by Synar inspection teams but not eligible for survey July 30, 2012 APRC will inactivate any venders not eligible for survey. t) Clean the post SFY 2012 Synar data August 15, 2012 SIRC will provide ADHS the cleaned final survey data in Excel u) Use SAMHSA Synar data software to calculate the sales rate and other data points for the annual Synar report. August 31, 2012 Excel file with SAMHSA database output and including completed SAMHSA data tables v) Participate in site visits as On-going IGA #: HG926639 requested by DBHS and SAMHSA w) Assist in clarifications to the data component of the Synar report as requested by SAMHSA and DBHS On-going
Effective start/end date6/25/0911/30/12


  • US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS): $351,000.00


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