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Title VIII 2019 Program for the Study of Eastern Europe and the Independent States of the Former Soviet Union (Title VIII) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Arizona State University seeks Title VIII support to increase national capacity through enhanced graduate language training in advanced Russian, in languages of Eastern Europe and the independent states of the former Soviet Union. Language training will be delivered through the Critical Languages Institute (CLI), which offers intensive summer language instruction in Arizona and at overseas locations; this will be enhanced by interdisciplinary online instruction on post-communist culture and politics. $290,069 is requested for i) 22 fellowships for intensive summer language training in advanced Russian in Russia and Kyrgyzstan, and in Arizona and/or overseas programs in Albanian, Armenian, BCS, Polish, Ukrainian, Uzbek and/or Macedonian; ii) compensation for 3 language instructors in Arizona (required to obtain tuition waivers for Title VIII fellows); and iii) partial compensation for the faculty lead and project coordinator. ASU will cost-share the PI salary and all housing expenses for Title-VIII-supported faculty ($26,724) and will waive tuition for all Title VIII fellows and students in Title VIII-supported programs in all locations (up to a cap of $3,800,000). CLI provides proficiency-based language training programs in Arizona and abroad. Advanced and intermediate students study in CLIs overseas locations. Beginners study in Arizona first, with the option to travel overseas for cultural immersion programming. Core to the CLI approach is an emphasis on documented progress in language proficiency gains through hands-on, practical curricula. In 2019, ASU will offer Title VIII recipients a new custom-designed online module on post-communist geopolitics (1 credit hour). Reflecting ASUs commitment to expanding the number of Americans contributing to foreign policy in Eastern Europe and Eurasia and to engaging students in issues of relevance to U.S. policy interests in Eastern Europe and Eurasia, this course will provide Title VIII recipients opportunities to engage with their cohort, and put their language study in comparative context.
Effective start/end date9/25/189/30/19


  • DOS: Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR): $290,071.00


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