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The Social Matrices of Early Lingbao Ritual The Social Matrices of Early Lingbao Ritual This project comprises a close analysis of early fifth-century Lingbao Daoist ritual in terms of certain idioms or "metaphoric constructions" appropriate to Chinese ritual as a whole: greeting and sending off, alliances and oath-taking, exchanges of other sorts, petitioning and memorializing, etc. I will compare the construction of Lingbao ritual with similar features of early Buddhist ritual, imperial rites (including the most mundane daily practice), and family ritual. The result of this research will be a book in English on Lingbao ritual, as well as several articles in Chinese, either co-authored with colleagues at Academia Sinica or prepared in consultation with them. 9.
Effective start/end date7/15/087/14/09


  • Ching-Kuo (Chiang) Foundation: $20,000.00


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