The Role of Hospital Alliances on Supply Chain Integration and Performance

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The Role of Hospital Alliances on Supply Chain Integration and Performance Investigating Models of Hospital Alliances and their Role on Achieving Improved Supply Chain Integration and Clinical Performance The healthcare industry is characterized by a complex supply chain due to a large proliferation of products, a wide scope of health services and variety of approaches to delivering healthcare solutions. Despite the fact that supply chain expenses form the second largest expense after labor costs, there have been limited improvements in efficiency and cost management over the years. One strategy to control healthcare supply chain and operating costs is for hospitals to form multi-hospital alliance networks, generally referred to as healthcare systems. Healthcare systems vary greatly in terms of their structures and characteristics such as size, degree of centralization, standardization, and resource sharing. This naturally leads the heterogeneous healthcare systems to having varying degrees of success and challenges. This study aims to explore the extent to which the assimilation of hospitals into healthcare systems can lead to improved supply chain performance for hospitals in that system. Both hospital-level factors and system-level factors will be examined to understand contributors to supply chain performance, and how they do so over time. The research intends to use data from the American Hospital Association, which annually tracks data for over 6,000 hospitals. Multi-level and longitudinal regression modeling frameworks will be applied to this data, to statistically test relationships. The results of this research will extend the supply chain management literature and healthcare management, in theories of organizational structure, transaction cost economics and supply chain integration. Furthermore, the insights from this study can inform healthcare decision-makers about effective strategies and factors that are conducive to healthcare supply chain performance.
Effective start/end date3/1/158/31/16


  • Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences: $14,900.00


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