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The Pacific Southwest Addiction Technology Transfer Center PSATTC - 9/29/2012-9/30/2017 Scope of Work Background Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy will serve as a subcontractor to Integrated Substance Abuse Programs (ISAP) at the University of California at Los Angeles in the operation of the Addiction Technology Center (ATTC) for Region 9. ISAP is applying for a 5-year award for the Region 9 ATTC 9 for the FFY 2013 2017. CABHP is identified as the entity responsible for the organization and management of all Region 9 ATTC events and activities for the state of Arizona, along with all evaluation requirements associated with the ATTC in Region 9. This document sets forth the services to be provided by CABHP, under the direct supervision of the CABHP Director, Dr. Michael S. Shafer. Total PSATTC Funding Amount Awarded to UCLA: $765,000 per year CABHP sub-contract amount: $150,000 per year Activities Evaluation 1. Serve as the Region 9 ATTC representative to the National Evaluation and National Workforce Survey initiatives. Communicate in a timely manner all critical processes and decisions from these initiatives to the Region 9 ATTC leadership team. Facilitate Region 9 ATTC implementation and completion of all required activities associated with these initiatives. 2. CABHP will manage and maintain a web-based 30-day GPRA follow-up program for all events for Region 9 to include the management of a respondent incentive program and uploading/entry of 30-day follow-up data to the GPRA web-site. Individual event summary reports will also be provided to assigned contact within each sub region. Training/Technical Assistance 1. Conduct training and technical assistance events in the state of Arizona for Region 9 as mutually agreed upon by o-directors Freese& Shafer. National Network Activities 2. Attend and participate in national Directors meeting, network meetings, the annual meeting of the College of Problems of Drug Dependence, and any other national meetings or events as appropriate and mutually agreed to by co-directors Freese& Shafer. Project Management 1. Attend and participate telephonically in PSATTC project management meetings 2. Assist in the development of status reports and continuation applications.
Effective start/end date9/30/129/29/17


  • HHS: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA): $750,000.00


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