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The National Map and YouthMappers Translation Project The National Map and YouthMappers Translation Project The process of carrying out a quality VGI translation from English to Spanish of the entire National Map is a task that will require a larger effort and timescale than the call for proposals indicates, in no small part because beyond literally translating from one language to another, it will be necessary to validate the attributes with information from local communities. Therefore, this Project corresponds to a first phase of work whose general objective is to consult with The National Map Team to co-design, establish organize, validate, and test a work process that allows translating The National Map considering local knowledge to generate useful and quality information. This will contribute to the USGS to continue its mission of monitoring, analyzing, and predicting the dynamics of complex human and natural Earth-system interactions relevant to decision makers. The English to Spanish Translation will prioritize the following content from The National Map: GIS data used for labeling of US Topo 7.5-minute quadrangles products o Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) Feature classes: Arch, Area, Arroyo, Bar, Basin, Bay, Beach, Bench, Bend, Canal, Cape, Cave, Channel, Cliff, Crater, Crossing, Falls, Flat, Gap, Glacier, Gut, Island, Isthmus, Lake, Lava, Levee, Locale, Pillar, Plain, Populated Place, Range, Rapids, Reservoir, Ridge, Sea, Slope, Spring, Stream, Summit, Swamp, Valley, Woods, Census, Civil, Military and Reserve o Structures o Transportation Road Names Trail Names Railroad Names o Hydrography NHDFlowline THE NATIONAL MAP AND YOUTHMAPPERS TRANSLATION PROJECT 3 NHDLine NHDWaterbody NHDArea NHDPoint o Boundaries Jurisdictional Boundaries State/Territories County or Equivalent US Topo 7.5-minute quadrangles products Map collar and frame information It is not expected that this project would necessarily be a comprehensive translation / localization of The National Map. Instead, the value added to this proposal in addition to the actual data created will be the procedures and protocols that are co-developed, as well as the opportunity to put into place a longer-term relationship between The National Map and the YouthMappers network of VGI volunteers that may serve this public resource well into the future. To establish this work process, there are 3 specific sub-objectives: (1) Identify the toolsets can be used that fit the USGS and YouthMappers workflows, with the idea to integrate methodologies already known and implemented by both parties; (2) Generate a documented step-by-step protocol of the process that will begin to be carried out, determining indicators of progress and quality control; and (3) Test the methodology and workflow in specific geographical areas of highest priority to USGS, leveraging the YouthMappers VGI network.
Effective start/end date12/1/2111/30/22


  • DOI: US Geological Survey (USGS): $24,982.00


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