The NACK National Network for Nanotechnology Workforce Development

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The NACK National Network for Nanotechnology Workforce Development The NACK National Network for Nanotechnology Workforce Development Arizona State University is pleased to collaborate with Penn State University (PSU) in the national NACK Network through participation as a sub-awardee. The NACK Network is a partnership of research universities, other 4-year degree institutions, and community colleges dedicated to providing a state-of-the-art hands-on nanotechnology-workforce education to 2-year degree students. The proposed missions of the NACK Network include 1) development and distribution of course materials for nanotechnology workforce education, 2) encouraging the development of nanotechnology workforce education programs across the US, 3) insuring community college students have a meaningful workforceready skill set, 4) promoting facilities and staff resource sharing and 5) creating a nation-wide hub-based network to support programs at two year technical and community colleges. In support of these broad missions, Arizona State University agrees to perform the specific activities described below. Specific activities: 1. Develop the Southwest US NACK Network Site. Arizona State University (ASU) will work with community colleges in the southwest region of the US to encourage their sending students to the nanotechnology workforce education hub which ASU is developing in the greater metropolitan area of Phoenix, Arizona. This hub will offer an immersion central facility experience by the sharing of Arizona State University resources. 2. Examine approaches to sustainability and institutionalization of the Southwest US Hub. In order to meet the needs of the community college students, partners schools, local employers as well as the university, ASU will utilize its resources to create a sustainable central facility nanotechnology education program at the Southwest US NACK Network These efforts will include but not be limited to administrative support, expansion of ASU programs, strengthening relationships with all institutions involved in the NACK Network and the sharing of student recruitment and retention methodologies, innovative marketing strategies and social network utilization approaches. 3. Participate in at least three NACK Network Operations Committees. ASU is committed to participating in at least the following three NACK Network Operations Committees: - Curriculum - Alumni, Recruitment, Retention, Completion - Professional (faculty) Development 4. Attend the annual NACK Network NVC / Industry Advisory Board meeting. 5. Foster general interaction with all NACK Network core partners. 6. Prepare and submit an annual written and oral report on the progress of the above activities.
Effective start/end date9/1/128/31/15


  • National Science Foundation (NSF): $235,050.00


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